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"… and there is no hate in my heart for you, Aya. only love."

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Xena sketches and picture via Sketch Dailies. I spent too much time coloring one of these haha orz. She’s too fun to draw, perhaps I’ll finish some of the others / do more if I have time.


"Minutes, seconds, you know how bad I can be at math."


"Minutes, seconds, you know how bad I can be at math."


apparently it’s nineteen fucking twenty

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youre gonna look so godamn cool

Track Title: What's My Age Again?

Artist: Blink 182

Album: Enema Of The State

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Martha leaving the Doctor in the Last of the Time Lords was not just about the Doctor not loving her back. It was about her needing to take care of her family after the Year That Never Was, it was about her realizing she’d been losing herself to the idea of being in love with this impossible man — and letting his subconscious treatment of her and idolization of Rose affect her self-esteem and self-confidence — for over year, and it was about the fact that continuing to be in that environment was not healthy to her life or her mental health.

Don’t do the disservice of reducing that choice down to it simply being about the Doctor not reciprocating her feelings. Leaving was the smartest thing Martha could ever do, the best thing for herself, the Doctor, and her family.

P.S. Fuck anyone who uses her choice for leaving as a reason to hate her along with the words “how DARE she leave the Doctor when he ~needed~ her” like he fucking owns her or some shit. Because, congratulations, you’re a dumb ass.

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