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Gravity Falls
"Jerseycon" 2014

Dipper Mabel Photographer

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Track Title: Starstrukk

Artist: Marina & the Diamonds


Not planing to stop soon…

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Track Title: Here It Goes Again

Artist: OK Go

Album: Oh No

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Grunkle Stan Appreciation Time


Can we all take a moment to appreciate how awesome of a person Grunkle Stan is? I mean yeah, he’s funny and gruff and a cheapskate and I love that side of him, but I’m talking about his sensitive side. He genuinely loves his niece and nephew, even if he doesn’t really want to admit it, and its adorable.



BUT. The relationship between Stan and Mabel is just too frickin cute for me to not rant about for a little bit.


That time when it was time to vote for who would win the party crown…Stan walked over so he could proudly clap for Mabel.


SO FRICKIN CUTE. When I saw that it was just like my heart exploded into tiny fragments of happiness.

And of course, my heart had just about put itself back together again during the hiatus but then Land Before Swine had to happen and everything between Stan and Mabel was too adorable that it exploded all over again. Twice.



So yeah. My point being. Grunkle Stan is great. The relationship he has with Mabel is beautiful and adorable in every way and I just love everything about this show. <3



A caring guardian.


i have no excuses..


Have some Bippers.


Have some Bippers.

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